Sunday, September 25, 2011

Zindagi Na Milega Dobara

You live your life once, live it to the fullest seems to be message from this movie. All the risky things in life can be experienced once in a lifetime according to individuals liking.  The movie is shot  in a picturesque Spanish locale and its tradition and customs is well bought out by foreign crew who have aided in cinematography.

The story revolves around ARJUN ( Hrithik ) KABIR ( Abhay Deol ) and IMRAN ( Farhan Aktar ) who take their time off from their hectic life after a gap of four years. They would like to celeberate the final bachelorhood days of KABIR who is engaged to be married shortly to his fiancee Natasha. They take off on a holiday to spain and here they come across LAILA ( katrina Kaifa ) who is a scuba diver instructor. How the story takes a twist and turn from hereon with lot of pranks is the essence of the movie.

Some claim that basically the film is about a road trip is slightly a misnomer and will do great deal of injustice to the story line of the movie. The song at the Tomatino festival is well picturised bringing out the essence of the celebration. One is bound to forget all their tension as one witnesses the antics of the Tomatoes squeezed, sliced and trampled.   The movie chugs along in certain scene with emotion being bought out in form of fear and fixation. Sigmund freud type of phyco-analysis is conducted by friends to discover their hidden anxiety. Arjuns fixation on earning plenty of money, Kabir’s fear of being possessed by his fiancĂ©e, Imran’s fixation for discovering his dad.

The smooch of Katrina and Hrithik has been shot without vulgarity in outdoor, and it flows along with the storyline. The pranks of Imran and Kabir keeps the movie ticking and gets them into trouble once. Arjun reluctantly joins the party and realises that life has to be lived once, he follows the advice of Laila.

The movie is inspired by Hangover 2 to a certain extent without the expletives. The final climax in the bull ring is worth watching. The real spirit of bulls rushing into the cauldron with the matadors racing ahead trying to escape being hurt is pulse racing. Overall the movie is a roller coaster ride, just be seated and enjoy the movie, because life is meant to be enjoyed the fullest once in a lifetime. Go see Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara for a fulltoo entertainment.

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