Sunday, September 25, 2011


The movie is a real face saver for the image of Goan Police. It sends out a message loud and clear that if the cops are given a free hand they will get to the root of the problem and eradicate crime to a large extent. I hope the movie’s message is taken in the right spirit by the Goan authorities and start setting their state as crime free state.

Goa is a goner for me personally when we experienced personally the mugging in Jan 2002, our case is still pending resolution in the Margoa police station. Mr Shirodkar, the PSI, wanted to close the case he sent his team to request for closure in Mumbai, we said continue investigation.

Now coming to the movie review Bhaji Rao Singham is posted on punishment to Colva police station, which is the adda of the gangster Prakash Raj. The entire police machinery has become victim and succumbed to the underworld and politicians. The villian carries out series of extortions, murder, property buying, etc in his stronghold. None dares to challenge him in his own den, how Singham is forced into the whirlpool to fight against the villan and take the battle into the enemies camp is the crux of the film storyline.

There is nothing much in the sound track, it is all passe. The heroine adds cosmetic value to the film, otherwise it would have ended up with gory violence only. She is bold enough to admit her admiration for Singham. He reluctantly agrees that he too is in love with her. Her father is against the alliance, how he eventually agrees to the alliance, for this one has to see the movie.

If one is expecting too much of a action or violence, the director Rohit Shetty has kept the dosage to the appropriate level. Ajay devgan with his six pack body has played his role to the best of his ability. If it were not a dubbed movie, than Ajay Devgan could have been in running for a national award with this stellar role.

I only hope Goan Police lives up to the image potrayed in the movie Singham. If the valuables looted from us is retrieved after a decade, it would be a face saver. Lolz

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