Thursday, September 22, 2011


A new villian emerges in Murder 2, which is no comparison to the original.  But at the same time the story and narration of the movie is gripping.  Dhiraj yadav is a psychopath killer who has already murdered 4 girls and is about to carry on his killing spree, when Arjun ( Emran Hashmi ) an ex cop is hired to trace the whereabouts of the girls who are missing, off the record.

The movie is shot in Goa, in the backdrop of Christmas, Churches and Cops.  Priya is a model who is madly in love with Arjun, who needles her, but does not want to accept her as a life partner.  There is only one short raunchy scene in the movie, for those who crave for the Murder 1 type of scenes will be disappointed to watch this sequel.

Hype about graduating to adulthood vide Murder 2 is all crap and fulltoo publicity stunt.  Maybe some scenes are censored.  The songs are not much to crave or croon about, when compared to the previous edition.  It is a let down.

What i liked about the movie it is a total package and more of a study on the mindset of the psychopath killer.  Why does he hate women, and under what circumstances he gets to hate them, how gruesome the characterisation can be in the form of execution of murder etc.  The movie moves on the steam of scripting, dialouges and locale.

The movie is well blended into the Goan murder scenario which was prevalent some time ago, however the rape angle is removed so that the negative publicity might not affect the destination.  I am surprised that the drug angle is ignored.  Maybe murder 3 sequel will carry this concept Lolz.

Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt did a wise thing by not following a beaten path of releasing a sequel earlier, they waited almost 6 years to come out with this one.  Cut the crap of romancing and get into story telling seems to be motto of  this genre of movie.    I am sure they will dish out a better sequel next time around in 2015 AD.  Watch Murder 2, if you want to have peep into psychopaths mindset or otherwise forget it if you expect the same titillation like in the earlier version.

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