Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Badmash Comany

When generation X feels making a fast buck is mark of a successful person in society, it  sounds too good to be true for all ambitious youngsters. There are instances of  Gates, Ambani and others who have made it big  not because of education but because of right timing, right business acumen, right contacts and listing on the bourses.   What was earlier termed to be unethical yesterday  may become ethical today.  For example earlier people used to smuggle electronic goods and gold due to high import duties, but due to economic liberalisation earlier smugglers have become successful 

Karan ( Shahid Kapoor ) Zuki ( Chang ) Bul Bul ( Anusha Sharma ) & Vir form the core protagonist of the badmash company.  They pull off their first stunner with the help of duping through customs loophole.  But it is too good to last with our FM launching liberalisation scheme of cutting down cutoms duty from 120% to 20%.  The dream of making fast buck in India by importing comes to a drastic end.

The camera now moves from Mumbai to Bangkok & New York.  Karan shifts from his family home, due to mis understanding with dad with right way to earn livelihood.  The generation gap and thinking widens.  Luckily Karan has his uncle Jazz to sponsor him in US, together with his cronies he moves lock stock and barrel.  The story now takes interesting twist and turn.  He starts displaying shades of grey in his character and gets into all unethical means of earning a fast buck.  I don t want to rob the thrill of watching a good revealing the plot guys.  Shahid after a long time has done full justice to his role, come guys give him his due for the role with shades of grey and white... Anousha has literally added some flesh to the movie, Indian Idol Star Chang is a revealation along with Vir........Parmeet Sethi seems to have taken off to the next deserves to be a hit

Will Karans unethical Ponzi method will land him jail ? Will he reform ?  Will his ambition get fulfilled to become famous in an ethical manner ?  Watch the know the twist and turn of the storyline.  Parmeet Sethi’s direction and some  raunchy smooches are hallmark of this movie. 

Badmash company is a movie with a clear message to generation X, there is no short cut to success, beware of  ingenious methods of duping but do not adopt it for godsake............I am sure whoever sees the movie will get the message right.  Being an Yash Raj banner the film is well packaged and promoted without much hype.

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